Bed Bug Removal

With the use of our Bed Bug Sniffing Dog, we can find all the Bed Bugs more efficiently and with less disruption.

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Mice can carry a host of infectious diseases, and can be very hard to eliminate on your own, once they have started to reproduce. We use various methods to eliminate any and all mice from your home or business.

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All types of bugs can not only be annoying, they can damage property which can cost lots of  money to fix.  Depending on the level of infestation, we will utilize different methods to eliminate the pesky critters, and get you back to a comfortable life at home or at work.

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We help to remove almost all pests including:

●  Ants (Carpenter & Others)
●  Bats
●  Bed Bugs
●  Bees (Collection of bee swarms)
●  Carpet Beetles
●  Cockroaches
●  Crows
●  Flies
●  Gophers
●  Hornets
●  Larder Beetles
●  Lizards
●  Magpies
●  Meadow Voles
●  Mice
●  Moles
●  Moths
●  Pharaoh Ants
●  Pigeons
●  Porcupines
●  Rats
●  Skunks
●  Snakes
●  Sow Bugs
●  Sparrows
●  Spiders
●  Squirrels
●  Wasps

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