Our Approach

At Zena's we are a Pest Control Company. Not Extermination.  In cases where we can save the animals and extermination is not the right answer, we will safely re-locate the animals to their native environment. We are committed to working closely with all of our clients to solve their specific issues.

Our Story

Zenas has been serving Edmonton and area for more than 15 years. With hundreds of satisfied clients, we will take the time to listen to your specific issues, and come up with a customized plan to either get rid of, or re locate the animals you have a concern with.

We have a very unique feature, and that is in our name. Zena.. The bed bug sniffing dog. She has been trained to sniff out all the bed bugs so we can find and locate other colonies, that you might not have been aware of. This lowers the risk of re-infestation, and helps to make sure we get them all.

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